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3 Message From The President By Matt Bellinger I am pleased to report that the FBAOC is concluding another suc- cessful year. We have had a number of events this year with a few more still to come. In May we sponsored our annual pro bono lunch program. The program featured several speakers including Judge Clarkson and Judge Guilford who spoke about the many pro bono opportunities available within the Central District. Later in May we held our civil practice program. Judge John B. Owens from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit gave an entertaining talk titled The Clerk the Thief His Life as a Baker Ashton Embry and the Supreme Court Leak Scandal. His presentation was followed by a discussion moderated by Judge McCormick. The month of May also included our fourth annual charity run event. Several of our members ran in the Orange County Marathon Half-Marathon5K to help raise money to support the pro se win- dow operated by the Public Law Center at the Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana. I would like to extend a special thank you to every- one who made donations to support that deserving cause. Over the summer we held our popular bench and bar series. In June Judge Selna spoke on the topic of Seven Things that Make a Judge Cranky or How to Stay on the Judges Good Side. In July Judge Block spoke about How Technology Has Changed the Prac- tice of Law and Judging. Both programs were well attended with the audience including many summer associates and interns. In September we held our intellectual property law seminar at UCI Law School. The program focused on hot topics in patent law. Judges Guilford Selna and Staton participated in the program as did a number of prominent in-house counsel. This month we hosted our Behind the Glass program at the Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana. The program featured a behind-the- scenes look at the Clerks Office and court staff were available to answer questions on a variety of topics. Still to come in 2015 we have our annual Judges Night program which will feature the presentation of the prestigious Judge Alicemarie H. Stotler Award and the swearing-in of our new offic- ers and directors. November will feature our annual criminal prac- Continued on Page 4 Matt Bellinger FBAOC President