A very interesting jurisdic- tional fight is before the Su- preme Court in a case exam- ining the constitutionality of inter partes review proceed- ings by the United States Pa- tent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). Petitioner Oil States Energy Services, LLC (“OSEC”) lost its rights in a patent follow- ing an inter partes review proceeding conducted before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”), an Article I tribunal of the USPTO, after Respondent Greene’s Energy Group, LLC questioned the validity of OSEC’s patent.1 The Supreme Court has granted certiorari to answer the question of the constitu- tionality of the inter partes review proceeding, as OSEC contends that the extinguish- ment of its property right in its patent by an Article I tri- bunal violates Article III of the Constitution, as well as the Seventh Amendment.2 Oral arguments are ex- pected in early 2018. After examination of sim- ilar issues in non-patent law areas, we argue that OSEC’s position contra- dicts the long line of case law established around the doctrine of “Public Rights.” Further, a hold- ing in OSEC’s favor could cast into serious doubt any and all agency revo- cations of rights, result- ing in a serious public policy impact. The Constitutionality of Inter Partes Review: Precedent from Article I Bankruptcy Tribunals and Public Policy Implications By Gregory K. Clarkson and Sharon Shaoulian* Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter Date Spring/Summer 2017 FBA/OC UPCOMING EVENTS:  YLD Brown Bag Lunch with the Hon. Douglas F. McCormick Ronald Reagan Fed- eral Building 411 West Fourth Street Santa Ana, CA Aug. 9, 2017  Intellectual Property Seminar Chapman University Sept. 12, 2017  YLD/CRF Constitution Day Orange County Mid- dle Schools Aug. 31, 2017 (orientation) Sept. 18-22, 2017  Annual Judges’ Night The Duke Hotel New- port Beach 4500 MacArthur Blvd. Newport Beach, CA Oct. 19, 2017 Register for events at www.fbaoc.com IN THIS ISSUE: The Constitutionality of Inter Partes Review 1 From the Editor 2 President’s Message 3 The Intersection of Federal and State Law on Cannabis Regulations 5 Civil Practice Seminar — Perils of Ex Parte Communications 8 Celebrating Judge Real’s 50 Years on the Federal Bench 10 Ninth Circuit Trims Down Class Certification Requirements in Briseno v. ConAgra Foods 15 The Newsletter of the Federal Bar Association/Orange County Chapter